Bleeding Heart

BleedingHeartThis piece is very special to me for two reasons. First, is how beautiful she turned out. There was a lot of blood and sweat that went into finishing this piece. Second, is how I came across this piece? The first local Crafters Market I ever attended, I met a very special friend. Judy Steadman, “The Manzanita Maniac”! She is another local artist that works with Manzanita. After five minutes with her, I felt like I knew her my entire life. After the show was over, she invited me to come up and walk through her Manzanita Forest. That is when I found the most beautiful piece of wood. Believe it or not, this piece was much bigger. You can see the top of it as the support leg for my, “Manz I Need A Bar.” Along with Judie’s favorite piece supporting the front of the bar.

Thank You Judy!

– GS