Laurie’s Lady

LauriesLadyThis was the first wine rack I ever made. At the time I was just starting out. Still learning the strengths and characteristics of Manzanita. I had just finished a piece called “Cow Girl Up “. I was out showing it off to my friends, when a very close friend of mine asked me if I could make her something. At that time, the only thing I new about Laurie was that she liked her wine. So I decided to try and make her a wine rack. In the process of doing so, I learned so much more about the strength of Manzanita. Especially because it was the biggest piece I had ever done. The most intricate, was with the placement of the glasses and bottles. I enjoyed the challenge of getting the glasses to hang straight and in formation, Along with getting the bottles to stay in place. I guess that’s what inspired me to make the rest of my wine racks that I have in my collection.